Millard North High School

CLIENT: Millard Public Schools

Lund-Ross renovated and built an addition to the Millard North High School. The project included razing a one-story building that housed the Administrative staff and offices. Lund Ross renovated approximately 9,000 square feet inside the existing building that acted as temporary office space for administrative staff during construction.

There is a new two-story, 36,000-square-foot structure that acts as the connector between the north and south areas of the building. The new connector space also includes new offices for administrative staff, nurse’s office, conference rooms, counselor offices, career center, Mustang Mart store, and three large lecture hall/testing centers.

A primary goal of the project was to construct a single entry into the building for security purposes in lieu of multiple entry points. pon completion of the connector, Lund-Ross again renovated the 9,000 - square-foot temporary administrative area back to classroom space. 

All of this work was performed while having a fully operational and occupied building.

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Jaime Hann