The Tiny House in Little Bohemia is one of the most unique bars in Omaha.

Little Bohemia has been getting a makeover the last couple of years, and promises to be the next seriously cool destination neighborhood for the hip and the hip-adjacent who will flock in droves, throwing money as they go.

If you’re ready to shout “Take my money!” on 13th Street before everyone else gets there, I cannot recommend The Tiny House highly enough.

The Tiny House might be the most original bar you’ve seen in years. It’s certainly a rarity for me, and I get around. I was guided by Omaha visual artist Barber (just Barber, on my journey to this most creative of spaces after a preview of his gallery opening at Fontenelle Forest. Artists, even the ones who don’t imbibe, always seem to know where the coolest bars can be found. Maybe it’s because they need something to do in a bar besides drink and play keno, or maybe it’s because creating a truly unique bar is an art form most appreciated by other artists. Who knows?

Stare at The Tiny House from many angles, revel in its details, look up close or from a distance. There is a pink room separated by a pink beaded curtain suitable for VIPs. There are two booths in the back, one with a fireplace, the other with a small recording studio for storytelling. Bartender Megan curates the recordings. Tell a tale and have it emailed to yourself, and if suitably well-told, it will be added to the bar’s collection, probably to become a part of Omaha history.

You can also drink alcohol at The Tiny House, like a sophisticate even. The cleverly written drinks menu is also a work of art, like a novel by Victor Hugo. It’s obvious great pains have been taken to provide a unique, upscale drinking experience. Because the Kentucky Derby was on during my visit, I went for a classic mint julep ($8), but you’ve got 21 cocktails and 30 wines on this menu. Or ask for a bartender’s choice “when we aren’t three deep at the bar.”

Source: Omaha World Herald

Jaime Hann