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Omaha Fire Department Headquarters

Omaha, Nebraska
City of Omaha
Completed Date: 
October 2008
Lund-Ross Team: 
Chief Executive Officer
Project Executive
Executive Vice President
Field Operations Manager
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“Over the course of the renovation process we have working with numerous people within your company, and in every case our relationship has been positive and productive.”

Scott Baughman

Battalion Fire Chief, Omaha Fire Department

Omaha Fire Department Headquarters

Lund-Ross finished a renovation and addition project for the Omaha Fire Department Headquarters in downtown Omaha. The structure was built in 1965 and serves as downtown Omaha’s fire station and the fire department’s central headquarters.

Lund-Ross renovated bedrooms, restrooms, and other housing areas in the fire station. A renovation of the fire chief’s offices was also completed. New community rooms, dining areas, sleeping rooms, and restrooms were built by Lund-Ross, as well as a new reception area.

A second-story addition was built over a portion of the existing building and includes new office space, weight rooms, and restrooms. New and existing precast panels were used to construct the addition, and Lund-Ross built the new panels to match the originals.

The fire station remained operational throughout construction, and Lund-Ross successfully completed the renovation in October 2008.

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