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Messiah Luthern Church

Ralston, Nebraska
Messiah Lutheran Church
Completed Date: 
January 2008
Lund-Ross Team: 
Executive Vice President
Field Operations Manager
Chief Executive Officer
Project Executive
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Messiah Luthern Church

Lund-Ross completed the interior renovation of the Messiah Lutheran Church in Ralston, Neb. The outdated facility needed more space for the church’s growing congregation.

The church’s concrete floor was removed at the front of the chancel area, and a new choir space was built. Lund-Ross worked with the church’s sound consultant to install floor-to-ceiling pillow walls throughout the sanctuary to improve acoustics.

Sanctuary pews were modified to create handicap-accessible seating, and balcony seating was extended by lengthening three existing pews. Lund-Ross removed and stored the original pews during renovations.

Lund-Ross successfully completed the Messiah Lutheran Church renovation within the church’s specified budget in less than six months.

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